·      Imparting quality education to students, specifically who are economically backward, and mould them into responsible persons by raising their level of education and social status

·         Providing value-based education and igniting young minds to bring the best out of them.

·         Imparting quality and value education with a view to prepare the students to face challenges.

·         Ensuring inculcation of high standard of morality and discipline among students.


These aims and objectives are communicated through lectures, seminars, NSS, NCC camps and personality development programme, Red Cross society, Youth Festival, Sports, Legal Literacy Cell, Women Cell, Placement and Career Guidance Cell, Computer knowledge, project etc.  as they have been incorporated as an integral part of the curriculum.



The institution works on clearly set vision and goals which are achieved in a systematic way. The insignia of college has “Pawaka Na Saraswati” which means “Goddess Saraswati, make us pure and pious with the gift of Education” which, in turn, helps to build the character of a person, the character of the nation.

The vision of the college is to provide higher education opportunities to the students residing in the city and adjacent villages. Providing quality education to underprivileged classes and economically backward students is the added feature of the college. The institution strives to shoulder the responsibility of making the nation’s dream come true by imparting quality higher education. The vision of the college is to develop the college with all modern facilities and incorporating new streams of study. The college is striving hard continuously towards achieving this goal. With limited resources and infrastructure, the college has created a mile stone. It believes that education is the most important element for growth and prosperity of a nation. The college regards its missions and objectives as an integral part of development of the students along with emphasis on value education. It is committed to the pursuit of excellence in higher education, character building, total development of personality and responsible citizenship.